Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Funny Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! I hope you all had as wonderful of a day as the Bauer family did.
We have had a great week here in Conway, mostly due to the fact that I only worked Monday and Tuesday. I had to take off Wednesday for Nathan's surgery consultation, so I thought why not go ahead and make it a mini-vacation? My mom came to visit, also, so we had lots of fun. As for Nathan's appointment at Children's, everything went well. The doctor was very nice and told us the surgery is basically a high-class circumsicion that will only take 30 minutes. He said the day after surgery, we probably won't be able to tell he had it done.
As for today, I got the BEST surprise ever from my little Valentine. Because I didn't work today, Jonathan picked Nathan up by himself and took him shopping. When I went out to the car to say hello, Nathan had an enormous teddy bear for me, a card and a home-made Valentine he did at school. I almost died just a little when I saw that!!! :) Isn't it absolutely wonderful?? After a million hugs, that thing went straight to the fridge. I am so incredibly proud of it. After the boys were home, Jonathan and I enjoyed a dinner that I cooked all by myself (imagine that) and Nathan enjoyed his new favorite - green beans!! Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like a spoonful of beans. Hope everybody felt the love today!

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thebob said...

The picture with the little grin is so freakin cute. You have a beautiful boy!
Stephanie, Charleigh, & Phillip