Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Easter '08 was a big success at the Bauer household. Nana and Grampa spent the whole weekend at our house and we went to Mass both Friday and Saturday nights with all the grandparents. During the day Saturday we just hung out and worked in the yard a little bit, enjoying the beautiful spring weather. We also dyed several Easter eggs and made sure we created one for each of the family members. Nathan had a great time watching everyone dye the eggs and was even more thrilled when he got his hands on a few! The Easter Bunnies (a.k.a. Nana and Grammy) also visited Nathan and he was given a super cute red and white romper and his very own hand-sewn Easter basket full of toys. On Sunday the whole gang came over to my house for an Easter lunch, complete with fun and games. We had a delicious meal made by Nana and Grammy and Nathan even got his first taste of chocolate pudding - and unfortunately he loved it! So every bite that I took after he tried some, he became very upset when it didn't go into his mouth. Oh well, it could be worse - he could be a picky eater! We also played several rounds of Scene It and someone actually beat Tommy!!! Twice!!! So that ended on a good note. :) We had a wonderful Easter and the best part about it was the fact that we were all able to be together.

Wishing everyone else a happy Easter and a wonderful week,

Those pearly whites

So here's a new thing added to Nathan's bedtime routine - tooth brushing! He uses his special Elmo finger brush with what appears to be incredibly delicious (I haven't tasted it) Elmo fruit-flavored toothpaste. As much fun as he has during the process and as good for him as it is, you have to go quickly because he bites... hard. And unfortunately his dad's fingers are too big for the brush! Oh well, so is the life of a mommy. Here is a nice before and after shot combo - all six of those little white babies are just shining now! All you hygiene-conscious friends and family members of mine, be proud! :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

They're not buttercups!!

This weekend the younger Bauer family took a trip to Hope to attend the 40th annual Jonquil Festival (not Buttercup Festival) and we had a blast! We had a great visit with Nana on Friday, despite scary thunder/hail storms and Saturday was the most perfect, not to mention gorgeous, day to stroll around Old Washington and check out the festival. We bought some really cute home decorations, a Grammy T-shirt and Nathan's first Duke boys shirt. I'd say we made some pretty amazing purchases. Also included in that list were jumbo corn dogs, homemade lemonade and fresh-cooked pork rinds (see picture). Nathan loved strolling around, but not so much sitting amongst the jonquils. We took that one picture, which I think is really pretty, but after that he lost his balance and toppled over into the flowers and was no longer into the photo shoot. But he loved hanging out in his stroller looking at all the people, and puppy dogs, walking past. He also got to check out the Arkansas Game and Fish fish tank with daddy and he thought that was pretty neat. In the end, the festival turned out great with perfect warm weather and I'd say if you get to ride home in your car seat with no pants on and the wind in your hair, it was a good day.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Just a-swinging

After church Sunday we went over to Grammy and Poppy's house to have lunch with them, along with Riley and Joley. After Riley informed Grammy it was approximately 56 degrees outside, she said he could go play outside and eventually we all made it to the backyard. Nathan got to swing for the first time at Grammy's house and he, Joley and Riley had a blast playing together on the swingset. And I just couldn't pass up this Kodak moment. I hope everyone else's Sunday was just as lovely! (PS - Check out Nathan's new Razorbacks hat, turned backwards in an ever-so-cool fashion.)

The young artist

Hi Friends and Family! It's Sunday afternoon and although we lost an hour last night, we still have absolutely nothing to do and I am loving it. I thought I'd spend a few minutes of my afternoon updating the blog to let everyone know how our weekend went. We got pictures taken Saturday at JC Penney that turned out pretty cute, despite an hour and a half wait and a fussy/tired baby boy. We got some cute Easter ones that we'll be happy to pass out once they come in. We spent Saturday night at Brian and Diana's home in Benton celebrating Grampa Steve's birthday and we had a whole bunch of fun. Prior to that, however, Nathan got to have a first - he got his hands on a few crayons in order to decorate his Grampa's birthday card. He did a pretty good job when those crayons weren't headed straight to his mouth, but what do you expect? We had to take a few (read: several) pictures because it was so darn cute and I thought I'd share a few with you. Enjoy! :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Yep. Twice in one week.

So Friday morning we woke up to find another blanket of snow. We better get out the record books for this one, because I know two times in one week has to be a rarity in Arkansas. We were definitely anticipating this snowfall more so than the one earlier in the week because all last night "100% chance of snow" flashed across the TV screen. It said it would snow all Thursday night, all day today and all night tonight and 8-12+ inches was expected in central Arkansas. But not so much. There was maybe an inch when we woke up and it stopped snowing by noon. It's still cold though so some snow is still out there at this time. Carrie and I made our fun snow story rounds again this morning and found a group of kids building snowmen in their yard. So I got to talk to them about how much they love snow and she got great pictures - it's gonna be a cute newspaper tomorrow! :) And we also took Nathan out in the front yard for a little snow day fun. He didn't care too much for it falling in his face, but he didn't seem to mind the snowballs his daddy threw at his head. He wasn't out there very long, but here are the pictures from his first experience with the white stuff. Have a great weekend!

My first boo-boo

So after Nathan's pinkeye cleared up and no longer showed signs of nastiness, this is what we found waiting for us at daycare Thursday. We knew something was up when there was an accident report in his cubbyhole! Although he was all smiles when Miss Danielle brought him to us, he had a big red mark on his eye. Yes, the same one that had pinkeye - that unlucky, big, beautiful eyeball. He has been doing so well with his sitting up lately, but sometimes he takes a tumble when he leans just right and apparently this is what happened at school. He has some swelling in his eyebrow and a bit of carpet burn next to his little eye. Although it has improved since last night, we decided to take him out to Mike's Place for a special "sorry you fell and busted your eye" lunch today. Here he is trying to decide what to order. :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our baby's growing up!

So we've reached an important milestone in Nathan's life - the big 22! When he went to the doctor for his stink eye Monday, he weighed in at a whopping 22 pounds and one ounce, meaning he has officially outgrown his infant car seat. *tear* He is just growing up entirely too fast and he needs to stop it! However, he is definitely too big for that little thing, as you can see in the picture that was taken last night. Remember when he looked like the world's tiniest peanut in that seat? I'll post a picture of that, too, for those who don't remember. (That picture was taken the day he came home from the hospital) Now his legs dangle off of it and he just doesn't fit. So check him out in his new, super awesome big boy seat! Those were taken this morning.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The only thing I can cook

Over the past few days, I have been working hard to replenish Nathan's baby food supply and add a few more varieties to his list of favorites, so I thought I would post of a few pictures of what I do because I just think it's pretty cool. I decided to take the homemade baby food route when I was pregnant with Nathan mostly because of the cost-cutting reasons, and I really think it has saved us a bit. Sure, it takes a little time, but it is fun to do and Nathan gets to experience the full flavors and colors of his fruits and veggies. As of right now he's eating two cubes of food for lunch and three for supper. I think we're going to start oatmeal soon and we'll probably mix that with a fruit cube for breakfasts. So far we've tried butternut squash, sweet potato, banana, apple, pear and green beans. I have blueberries, peas and carrots in the freezer ready for him to try over the next few weeks. He hasn't met a food he doesn't like yet, so hopefully he will love these next three just as much. And no, the ice cream in the picture isn't his. Have a great Wednesday night!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Yeah, it did!

You know what they say about good ol' Arkansas - if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute. It was 70-degree T-shirt weather Sunday. I was actually getting hot sitting in the car getting ready to go home from Forrest City. And when I woke up this morning and peeked out of my bedroom blinds, I was shocked and a little bit awed. Snow!! How ridiculous. And quite a bit of it, as well. Although the schools closed today, it stopped snowing at around 10 a.m. and as I write this at 1:05, it is really melting. But it was pretty while it lasted. Carrie and I spent the morning looking for snow art for the newspaper and we came across this awesome hill at the Conway Country Club where kids were sledding on all sorts of fun stuff - garbage can lids, inner tubes, boogie boards - not many families in Arkansas have sleds, I'd imagine. But here are some pictures from that photo shoot and a few to show the view from my front and back porches this morning. And, no, little Nathan Pinkeye hasn't been out in the snow yet - we don't want to risk turning him into little Nathan Pinkeye Snotnose. :) Have a fun snow day and stay warm!

Holy pinkeye, Batman!

Yeah, that's right. The pinkeye has come into my house, slowly but surely. On Friday Nathan's afternoon teacher told me she thought he may be developing it when I picked him up. But another teacher said she really didn't think that's what it was because he wasn't fussy or rubbing it or anything. And over the weekend it didn't seem too bad at all, just a little red around his eyelid so we assumed he popped himself in the eye with a toy or something. But no. We took him to the doctor and he's got the pinkeye. So if any of you come into contact with this super cute baby over the next few days, wash your hands!!! Luckily, he only has to be out one day, and even luckily-er, it happened to be a snow day so Grammy got to stay home and keep him. Which leads me to my next post...


So unfortunately I forgot my camera over our fun, but busy, weekend, so here are a few pictures that we took Friday. In honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday (and the fact that Nathan got a new hat) we took super cute reading pictures. He LOVES to read and although he isn't reading a Dr. Seuss book in these pictures (he likes to eat the pages, especially in regular books), he loves when we read those to him. His very favorite is "Horton Hears a Who." As for the weekend, we had a wonderful time. Eli's birthday party in Jonesboro was super fun and although I forgot my camera (I know, I know), Poppy took lots of photos and I'll post those whenever I get them. We also had a great visit with Mema and we were sad to have to leave. Nathan loves to spend time with her and the two had great fun together. He also got to visit his cousin Alexis at Uncle Chris's house and she had a wonderful time with him, pushing him in the swing and teaching him out to shake his bootie. She has a little sister on the way so she got some good baby practice this weekend. I hope everybody else had a great weekend!