Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Easter '08 was a big success at the Bauer household. Nana and Grampa spent the whole weekend at our house and we went to Mass both Friday and Saturday nights with all the grandparents. During the day Saturday we just hung out and worked in the yard a little bit, enjoying the beautiful spring weather. We also dyed several Easter eggs and made sure we created one for each of the family members. Nathan had a great time watching everyone dye the eggs and was even more thrilled when he got his hands on a few! The Easter Bunnies (a.k.a. Nana and Grammy) also visited Nathan and he was given a super cute red and white romper and his very own hand-sewn Easter basket full of toys. On Sunday the whole gang came over to my house for an Easter lunch, complete with fun and games. We had a delicious meal made by Nana and Grammy and Nathan even got his first taste of chocolate pudding - and unfortunately he loved it! So every bite that I took after he tried some, he became very upset when it didn't go into his mouth. Oh well, it could be worse - he could be a picky eater! We also played several rounds of Scene It and someone actually beat Tommy!!! Twice!!! So that ended on a good note. :) We had a wonderful Easter and the best part about it was the fact that we were all able to be together.

Wishing everyone else a happy Easter and a wonderful week,

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Abby said...

Oh my goodness, Nathan in the Good Ol Boy shirt is probably the best thing ever! SOO CUTE!