Friday, March 7, 2008

My first boo-boo

So after Nathan's pinkeye cleared up and no longer showed signs of nastiness, this is what we found waiting for us at daycare Thursday. We knew something was up when there was an accident report in his cubbyhole! Although he was all smiles when Miss Danielle brought him to us, he had a big red mark on his eye. Yes, the same one that had pinkeye - that unlucky, big, beautiful eyeball. He has been doing so well with his sitting up lately, but sometimes he takes a tumble when he leans just right and apparently this is what happened at school. He has some swelling in his eyebrow and a bit of carpet burn next to his little eye. Although it has improved since last night, we decided to take him out to Mike's Place for a special "sorry you fell and busted your eye" lunch today. Here he is trying to decide what to order. :)

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