Tuesday, March 18, 2008

They're not buttercups!!

This weekend the younger Bauer family took a trip to Hope to attend the 40th annual Jonquil Festival (not Buttercup Festival) and we had a blast! We had a great visit with Nana on Friday, despite scary thunder/hail storms and Saturday was the most perfect, not to mention gorgeous, day to stroll around Old Washington and check out the festival. We bought some really cute home decorations, a Grammy T-shirt and Nathan's first Duke boys shirt. I'd say we made some pretty amazing purchases. Also included in that list were jumbo corn dogs, homemade lemonade and fresh-cooked pork rinds (see picture). Nathan loved strolling around, but not so much sitting amongst the jonquils. We took that one picture, which I think is really pretty, but after that he lost his balance and toppled over into the flowers and was no longer into the photo shoot. But he loved hanging out in his stroller looking at all the people, and puppy dogs, walking past. He also got to check out the Arkansas Game and Fish fish tank with daddy and he thought that was pretty neat. In the end, the festival turned out great with perfect warm weather and I'd say if you get to ride home in your car seat with no pants on and the wind in your hair, it was a good day.

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Nana said...

Great Narration of the Day- We did have a Blast! You'll come again real soon now ya hear!! Love Nana