Friday, March 7, 2008

Yep. Twice in one week.

So Friday morning we woke up to find another blanket of snow. We better get out the record books for this one, because I know two times in one week has to be a rarity in Arkansas. We were definitely anticipating this snowfall more so than the one earlier in the week because all last night "100% chance of snow" flashed across the TV screen. It said it would snow all Thursday night, all day today and all night tonight and 8-12+ inches was expected in central Arkansas. But not so much. There was maybe an inch when we woke up and it stopped snowing by noon. It's still cold though so some snow is still out there at this time. Carrie and I made our fun snow story rounds again this morning and found a group of kids building snowmen in their yard. So I got to talk to them about how much they love snow and she got great pictures - it's gonna be a cute newspaper tomorrow! :) And we also took Nathan out in the front yard for a little snow day fun. He didn't care too much for it falling in his face, but he didn't seem to mind the snowballs his daddy threw at his head. He wasn't out there very long, but here are the pictures from his first experience with the white stuff. Have a great weekend!

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