Sunday, March 9, 2008

The young artist

Hi Friends and Family! It's Sunday afternoon and although we lost an hour last night, we still have absolutely nothing to do and I am loving it. I thought I'd spend a few minutes of my afternoon updating the blog to let everyone know how our weekend went. We got pictures taken Saturday at JC Penney that turned out pretty cute, despite an hour and a half wait and a fussy/tired baby boy. We got some cute Easter ones that we'll be happy to pass out once they come in. We spent Saturday night at Brian and Diana's home in Benton celebrating Grampa Steve's birthday and we had a whole bunch of fun. Prior to that, however, Nathan got to have a first - he got his hands on a few crayons in order to decorate his Grampa's birthday card. He did a pretty good job when those crayons weren't headed straight to his mouth, but what do you expect? We had to take a few (read: several) pictures because it was so darn cute and I thought I'd share a few with you. Enjoy! :)

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Nana said...

He looks like he know what he is doing! What a smartie- thats my grandson!!

Love Nana