Sunday, April 27, 2008

April in Photos

So... it's been a while. Sorry! I have heard from plenty of you that I haven't posted in a while and I thought a slow Sunday afternoon would be the perfect chance to catch up. I just unloaded a ton of photos off of my camera and onto the computer, so I'm just giving you five of my favorite recent pictures. He's still pretty cute, isn't he?? (And yes... that is a Poppy Face) He's doing very well - he changes and grows every day. It's hard to believe he's becoming a little kid and not a teeny monkey baby anymore. He went for his 9-month check up (yes 9) on Thursday and weighed in at a whopping 23 pounds 4, ounces. He is 30 inches long and his head is 19.25 inches. According to the doctor he is at the 90th percentile and both weight and height and up to the 97th (off the charts even) for his head size. The doctor said she wouldn't be concerned with it if mom or dad wears a big hat size - so we're blaming the big noggin on dad. :) But it is a beautiful big ole head and I'm sure it is full of lots of smart brains. Nathan has also been experimenting with new foods lately - chicken, birthday cake, biscuits, pasta - and he loves it all! Our little Nathan is yet to be mobile, though, which is probably a good thing. :) He's standing well while holding our hands though, so he may take off running before he ever attempts to crawl - I'm afraid we'll find that out all too soon. As for mom and dad, we are doing just fine. Just working all the time (Toad Suck Daze is this coming up weekend, wish me luck!) I'm still on the job hunt for an English teaching position so if any of you out there are holding out on me, let me know! I'm going to a job fair in a few weekends so hopefully I'll find something good there. Jonathan has been playing softball games with some of his buddies and having lots of fun with that. Well I hope all our friends and family are doing well and I vow to not wait this long to post again (but I'm sure you all will let me know if I do). Have a great Sunday night!


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