Friday, May 23, 2008

The first of many adventures

On Saturday, May 10, young Nathan Bauer reached a new milestone in his precious little life - he went on his first-ever zoo adventure!! I know you all know how much I love going to the zoo and I was so excited to get to share this with him. We had a great time, too. Despite a brief torrential downfall during which we had to run and take shelter with several other parents and strollers, it was a great day. Nathan loved all the different animals, especially the bigger ones he could see really well, like the elephant and the giraffe who both came right up to the rails. He also really liked the tiger - don't you love his tiger impression? You can't really tell which is the tiger, can you?? We went to the zoo with the Cupits, friends of ours who live in Shreveport, and their baby Hailey who was born on Valentine's Day. Nathan and Hailey had a wonderful day strolling around the zoo together and we look forward to doing it again. Sorry it took so long to post this, but aren't the pictures worth it? :)

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