Wednesday, May 7, 2008

In a Toad Suck Daze

So for the past couple of weeks, my life has revolved around toads and writing the most ridiculous (and sometimes painful) toad-related puns you can think of and as it ends (thank goodness!), here is a recap of the festival weekend itself and Nathan's first Toad Suck Daze experience. It's definitely not that I dislike the festival by any means, it is actually wonderful and when it comes to covering it for the paper, I usually have a lot of fun. It just makes for very busy work weeks preparing for the big Daze and writing previews and interviewing toad racing contestants and whatnot. But I was very happy when the festival weekend arrived because Nana, Jonathan and Nathan all accompanied me and served as my assistants throughout the day. So here are a few shots of the festival in all its glory. Pictured are Nathan and I watching (well me watching and Nathan snoozing) as Jonathan attempts to shoot a beer can with a cork gun, next is Nathan still sleeping after his daddy won him two stuffed toads (I promise he liked them once he woke up), after that is Nathan, with a little help from daddy, doing the classic Toady Woady, then it's a sample shot of the actual toad races and finally we're back at the office and Nathan is going over his notes to help me write the best Toad Suck story ever. Although I did eat a little too much fried food/spicy food and I may have come out of there looking like a lobster due to the lack of sunscreen, at least I made it through what I hope will be my last Toad Suck Daze to cover for the paper without croaking. Ouch. Somebody stop me. :)

PS - Kudos go to Courtney Kuhlen for the headline on this blog - a former photographer who still can't help herself from writing toad puns. :)

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