Friday, May 23, 2008

This one goes out to all the mothers

Happy *very* late Mother's Day, moms! My family, along with the in-laws, traveled to Hope to celebrate my very first Mother's Day and we had a blast! Here are just a few pictures of what Nathan was up to that weekend. We had a yummy cook-out lunch on Sunday and all the family came over to celebrate. Nathan gave me the cutest card that is currently on the fridge and probably will be until Christmas (because that's how I roll) and all the moms were given something special from each of their children. I also got a beautiful basket of pink flowers from Grammy and framed Nathan photos from Nana. I'm all set. :) I also received a pink T-shirt that said Mommy and all the ladies in Nathan's immediate family received one as well. Let me tell you we were looking good wearing our matching shirts - I loved it! I hope all the children out there made all the mommies out there feel as special as I did this year - I can't wait to see what future Mother's Day celebrations have to bring me. And what Father's Day has in store for Jonathan.

P.S. Also the picture with Tommy may or may not be the best picture ever. And my money is on yes, it is the best picture ever. Please put it on all of your desktops.

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