Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Making up for lost time

So let me start this off with an apology to all of Nathan's adoring fans out there for the lack of blogging that has been going on here. Since the last post, our family has been ridiculously busy. Today is the first day I'm just sitting at home with nothing to do and I am so truly thankful for it. Every weekend this summer has been jam-packed with either work, weekend trips, or one of Nathan's many first birthday parties. I'm working on getting a job with Hendrix College and Jonathan's working on getting a better job within his company, so stay tuned for more positive financial news from us. As for what we've been doing since the last post (err.. Mother's Day...), I'm just going to post a bunch of pictures since then so you can see for yourself. Here's a few pictures from June to see what you've missed out on. :) The first are pictures of Nathan's new very favorite thing to do - swim at Nana's! He's completely fearless in the water and he'd much rather be out of the baby floatie just splashing around the pool. And there's also some random super cute pictures so you can see just how cute he's getting. More to come...

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