Thursday, February 19, 2009

Be mine?

Nathan's second official Valentine's Day was a pretty special one this year. His new toddler class at day care celebrated with a fun party, complete with decorated paper sacks to collect valentines. Nathan took cute animal valentines with suckers attached and made sure to give the super sweet ones to the cuties in his class. As he is one of only three boys in a 12-kid class, he has his pick of the ladies. Anyway, he enjoyed his snacks at the party, even if his BFF (the other Nathan) tried to force feed him Cheez-its. I think he had an even better time when we made it home and I let him go through the loot. Over the past few weeks, we have really discovered Nathan's love of all things candy and all things chocolate. He even stole my chocolates and tried to pry them open, as shown in the picture. Hope your Valentine's Day was just as sweet! :)

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