Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Run! Run!

As evidenced by the photos and awesome videos above, Nathan loves to play outside. He loves to "wun, wun, wun!" as he happily describes, while darting across the front yard. Okay, maybe not darting, but isn't it just so cute the way he uses his little wobbly run to get places?? And I love how he doesn't care when he falls flat on his face — he just gets up, dusts it off and continues his "wun." He's also learned a thing or two about lawn care, evidenced by the fact that when he sees any flower or weed-like substance in the grass, he sits on the ground, picks it and throws it over his shoulder. He's taken it so far as to sitting in the flower bed, shouting "PICK IT" and ripping pansies from the beds. It's kind of hard to explain that this yellow flower is okay to pick and this one isn't, so I let it slide. And then he put it on his head, as you can see. :) So enjoy the pictures, and especially the videos, taken on a bright March afternoon. You can tell that both his verbal and artistic skills are expanding by the way he identifies everything in the yard and then colors the grass with a stick-like object. Pure genius! :)