Monday, September 14, 2009

Home Sweet Home

So we may not ever be home owners (at least for a while), but we are now officially home buyers! The offer we put on the perfect house we found last week was accepted and now we are moving forward with the purchase. To tell you a little more about the home, it's off of a country road, about 10 minutes from town, in a small neighborhood of three houses. It's about 200 square feet bigger than our old home, but the best part (aside from the mowing) is that we have 1.5 acres of land to ourselves. That will be nice to have so much room for Nathan and Susie to run around. As for the house, it's 3 bedroom/2 bathroom, with a big open floor plan and a fire place. We cannot wait to get the Conway house sold and start the big move. We are super excited and thought we would share a few pictures from our happy house-finding day. Hope everyone is doing well!

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