Sunday, February 7, 2010

Guess What??

So it looks like in about nine months or so the title of this blog is going to have to change. :) Yes, as you can tell by the addition of another ticker to the right of this space, Baby Bauer #2 is officially on the way! After only two months of trying to make Nathan a big brother, these two beautiful pink lines popped up this week. Although I obviously know how this whole baby-making thing works, I was still in complete shock when this positive test smiled back at me (followed by an even bigger digital positive later in the day)! And to make things even better, I quickly calculated my due date - and learned that it is 10-10-10. Fits pretty perfectly with Nathan's birthday of 07-07-07, doesn't it?? :) Anyway the three of us are absolutely elated with the news of our little bean and cannot stop talking about how we will soon become a family of four. Whether it means all new pink stuff or a little brother to wrestle, we will be thrilled either way. I've already chosen an OBGYN in Texarkana and I go for my first check-up and ultrasound Thursday, March 4. Please be watching for an update that day! :)

As for Big Brother Nathan, he is thrilled beyond belief. He can tell you all about being a big brother, he can tell you right where his baby is, and sometimes he even offers kisses and snuggles for the little one. However, every once in a while he'll say he is going to be the only baby, but we have a few months to work on that. :) I'm pretty sure he is going to be a terrific big brother!

Well I am so excited to get to spill the beans to everyone. Please keep checking back here as I'll continue to keep you updated on your favorite little boy and now there will be additional updates about your favorite little bun in the oven. Thanks so much for all of the congratulations we've already received and I ask that you keep us in your prayers as we begin what we hope is a happy and healthy nine months.


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Nana said...

Loved it!! I told everyone to watch for your progress on the blog and to keep up with our little Nathan too!

Can't wait on March 4th!

Love Nana