Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Toddler Technology

So I already gave you my every-so-often Wordless Wednesday photo of my boys and their ice cream sandwiches; however, during our daily afternoon outside time, I caught a few photos I just couldn't help but share. So color me a bad parent for letting him do it in the first place, but Nathan is *obsessed* with our iPhones! (Three guesses as to what he's doing in that swing.) He knows all the games Jonathan and I have, specifically the ones downloaded just for him. And he is actually really good at them! On mine there is a "letter game" as he calls it, that quizzes him on shapes, numbers, letters, and colors, and the kid aces it every time - even things like crescent and hexagon! So I figure if he's learning new things, it can't be hurting him too much... let's just hope there's not a cell phone on his third birthday wish list. :)

Also, this is a completely off-theme photo, but I caught it as Nathan was hanging on the swing set stating, "When I get big like Riley, I am going to flip and spin and hang on this thing... Am I big like Riley yet?" Cutest thing you ever saw, right?

Happy Wednesday, everybody!

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