Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bunkin' Party

Every few minutes from the moment Nathan and I woke up this morning, he would ask "How many hours until we go to Grammy's house to see Joley?!?" To say he was excited would be an understatement. :) He and I met Grammy and Joley in Arkadelphia for pizza, where the two hugged, giggled, and chicken danced throughout the restaurant. After lunch, Grammy whisked the kids to Conway where they will later be joined by cousins Eli, Hannah, and Gideon. Yes Grammy and Poppy will have their hands full tonight! But I know the kids are going to have a blast.

As for mama, well I hate to be away from my little guy but one night is not so bad, I think I can manage... Especially considering I just took a break from painting my toenails and watching trashy reality TV to blog. :) I can't wait to hear about the adventures these five little cousins have this weekend and I hope all of your adventures will be as great!

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