Friday, April 9, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

(Answer: Ask me again in the summer...) Well if you haven't guessed from the last two posts, I decided earlier this year that it was high time I developed a new hobby. :) Growing things is always something I've been interested in, but I haven't really had the energy, time, or motivation to get it going. This year with my newfound change of pace, I knew I wanted to try my hand at a vegetable garden. After months of planning and flipping through gardening catalogs, the boys and I set to work and built two 8x4 raised bed frames and then filled them with soil and compost. After all that hard work, the real fun began this evening! We got all 8 of our crops planted and settled into their new homes. We decided for our first try to start with plants, as opposed to seeds, and I'm anxious to see how well they turn out! So, without further ado, meet my veggies:

Here in Bed 1, as I like to call it, we have the cucumber and all its relatives. In the front are 8 bush snap bean plants, then four zucchini plants, followed by four straight neck yellow squash plants, and finally a row of five cucumber plants with room to install a trellis along the back.

In Bed 2 we have... well the everything else family. In the front we have romaine lettuce and sweet Georgia onions planted together (we did those earlier in the week on a cooler day), then we have four green bell pepper plants, then another row of bell peppers (two red and two yellow), and then my favorite little babies, the six Early Girl tomato plants safe in their cages.

And there you have it, folks, the start of a new Bauer family tradition! I will be sure to share my progress with this new venture, so continue to check back for updates. And if all goes well, there may be a bucket or two of homegrown veggies headed your way! Happy Friday, y'all!

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