Thursday, April 1, 2010


No April foolin' here, yes that lively tune is a somewhat close impression of what you think it is. As we were rocking on the front porch swing this evening, he started belting all sorts of different tunes. When a Beyonce tune came out of nowhere, I had to grab the camera. :) "How does he know this?" you may ask. Well, sure he may have heard it a few times on the radio and maybe even seen her sweet dance moves on TV; however, this song is played a million times in a row on Nickelodeon as part of the Chipmunks Movie commercial. So, there you go. This one goes out to all you single ladies. Especially the whole "blowing a kiss" part. :)

PS - Here's another cute shot I got while Nathan was triking along in the grass this afternoon. With weather like this and a son this cute, it's hard not to get a good picture and, of course, share it with you! Happy Thursday!

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