Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tickling the Ivories

This evening Nathan decided it was time to give us a piano concert and when he began, I raced to the guest room to snatch the camera! :) This little kid may not really know what he's doing on the piano, but I think somewhere deep in his subconscious there's the makings of a child prodigy. I could be biased, though. Anyway I thought I'd share this video to show that Nathan knows more lyrics than those to "Single Ladies." Yes, Nashville Christian Academy is teaching the kid a thing or two.

And... because I'm such a good mama here is a second piano video that does feature one of the same songs as the first clip, but shows a good solid minute of this kid's musicality. It may be going overboard to post two similar videos, but you know you love it!

Happy Tuesday! :)

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