Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wet and Windy Weekend

If you were in Arkansas the past few days, you probably know what the weather was like. If you weren't, it was gross, take it from me. We kicked Friday morning off with a wonderful breakfast to lunch visit with our favorite Abby Cadabby (with baby Eva, of course) while the guys played golf. During this time, the skies pretty much went dark and gloomy while the thunder rolled. From that moment until about 24 hours later, my backyard looked like this:

Don't you love how those cows could care less that there was a "significant severe weather alert" and that they should be "prepared to protect their lives." Cows, geez. However, the second the rain stopped today, the sun burst out of hiding and turned the backyard into this:

I know you are thinking, "Oh so there are the vegetables, I wonder how they're doing??" so I'll go ahead and answer it. They're okay, I suppose. They surprisingly survived all this crazy weather (so far), but I'm not going to show any more close-ups until they really get situated and growing in their new homes. You can can still see green in the beds so I'll leave it at that for now. :)

Back to the course of the day - Nathan and I played inside all morning so the sun could dry the ground for an afternoon of outside fun. As you can obviously see, this included creating a sweet trail for Lightening McQueen out of various candles. (This was all him, people.) After a nap, we stepped onto the front porch and saw this:

"What a GORGEOUS day!" Nathan cheerfully proclaimed. However, it was only a second after we caught a glimpse of the sky that we felt the new forecast: WINDY. Nathan ran out to the middle of the yard and thrust his arms outward, yelling that he wanted to feel the wind with his whole body! His hair really felt it, too:

In a nutshell, we had a great weekend with lots of visitors, lots of weather, and lots of fun. Tomorrow we are heading to Hope to celebrate Aunt Sandy's birthday. I'm sure we will have a fun day and I hope you do, too. To end this rambling play-by-play post, here's a cute grand finale. Happy Weekend!

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