Monday, May 24, 2010

Family Fun Weekend

Well it seems as though this weekend wrap-up post will read a bit differently than I thought, as the Nashville Christian Academy end-of-school program will not be its main focus. :) Poor Nathan got all dressed up in his polo shirt, ready to sing his heart out, but as soon as we got to the church, his nose started bleeding. It did clear up before showtime, but he was so distraught with the situation that he decided to just sit in the audience and watch his buddies. He did make one attempt to go on stage when his teacher was introducing her students. When she called his name, he trotted to the stage, climbed right up there, then got embarrassed and climbed back down. Poor guy! However, a lack of program pictures should be perfectly acceptable, as you have seen plenty of private performances through this blog. Here's his outfit, so just imagine him singing on a stage:

We still hosted both sets of grandparents and had a great time visiting, eating tons of food, and playing outside (as pictured above). Nathan had a ball having so many of his favorite people in one location for an entire day! So, without further ado... here are some pictures of Nathan that do not involve the program, or clothes for that matter. :) Enjoy!

Super Muscles Nathan says, "Happy Monday!"

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