Friday, May 28, 2010

"I'm Bigger!"

"I'm bigger!" was the grand proclamation Nathan made after telling me only babies ride in the swing he has loved for so long. Then he climbed into the big boy swing, politely asked me to push, and there we stayed all morning. :) Heck, the kid even decided he could do the classic big-kid move and fly through the air - not to mention swing from the bar Riley-style. To top it off, I also spent time today planning Nathan's third birthday party. THREE! Yes, Nathan, you are bigger, and that is just something I am slowly accepting as I watch you grow into a really awesome person more each day.

PS: His b-day party will likely involve a surf theme, so save the date for Saturday, July 10 at Conway Grammy's house!

Oh wait, you thought this post was over? Wrong! No, Nathan is not the only thing in the Bauer household getting bigger. BEHOLD, the mighty zucchini:

His little brother's not bad either:

Scroll on up to the Blog Archive and click on my previous garden update to check out what he looked like a mere week and a half ago. Crazy, right? This thing has more than doubled in size and the buds growing on it are huge. It's really hard to tell size online, but see how it's already dangling over the side of the bed? And this leaf is probably the size of Nathan's head: And we all know that ain't small.

There aren't any mini-zukes growing yet, but I bet they come soon. If not, I may plant some colorful flowers to get those bees a-buzzing. Speaking of things growing in my fabulous garden, look at these sweet babies:

Yep, at last count there were nine juicy tomatoes growing and basking in the sunlight.

Although two of my crops are history, the peppers are on their way out, and it may be too hot for the lettuce, I now consider myself an expert zucchini/tomato grower. :) You're impressed, right? Okay, now I'm done bragging on these miraculous things I've been able to grow (with Nathan topping the list, of course). I hope you enjoyed this plethora of pictures, but get ready to be bombarded again this weekend. Joley and Riley are visiting, we are busting out the shark pool, and you know I will be armed with the camera.

Happy Friday!

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