Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Day of Preschool

Before we jumped in the car for the last day of Nathan's first unofficial year of preschool, I had to pull out my "awesome mom" card. As you can see, I made Nathan pose for some obligatory backpack/lunch box shots. Yes, Nathan walked into Mrs. Ruby's classroom for the last time this morning, delivered her daily hug, and handed her a beautiful good-bye drawing. It wasn't too sad, though, as he will be in her class again next year. It will be his official K3 year, you know actually being three years old and all. He will also be at a brand-new location, so this fall should be pretty exciting!

Until then, however, we are ready to enjoy summer! During my work days, Nathan will stay with Mrs. Brenda, a woman who used to serve as the administrator for NCA. When we are not at daycare/work, we will most likely be in the front yard, running through the sprinklers, splashing in the shark pool, and soaking up the sun! I hope the school year ended well for all of you other kiddos and/or teachers and/or parents. Happy Wednesday!

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