Friday, May 21, 2010

My Gardening Buddy

Like mother, like son, right? :) Last night while we were shopping at Lowe's with Nana and Grampa, Nathan came across a display of Sesame Street child-sized gardening supplies. We perused the different options and he finally settled on an Elmo gardening bag, complete with three tools and all the fixings for his own cherry tomato crop. And when the package of seeds has this guy on it:

How in the world can you refuse? Especially when Nathan tells me he wants to grow vegetables "just like mama." Awww... :) So this afternoon we mixed the dirt, filled the pots and planted our tiny tomato seeds. They're out there basking in the sunlight as we speak and who knows, Nathan's garden could very well do better than dear old mom's. Once the seedlings start to sprout and turn into full-fledged plants, we will find a spot in the big garden (probably one that used to house a dead squash plant...) and give these little guys a permanent home. Now you definitely have to check back more often, as the tomato competition is on!

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