Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Music Man

When Nathan and I woke up to booms of thunder and flashes of lightening this morning, we knew it was going to be a sit on the couch kind of day. However, after a few rounds of Barney and a Handy Manny or two, Nathan decided it was a music-making kind of day. Therefore, I am gladly sharing a few of this morning's performances. The first kicks off with one of his favorite Queen songs and a few others I can't quite make out... The second video showcases his gospel singing side, with a bit of other music mixed in. (Three guesses as to why he keeps "excusing" himself)

I wanted to share these with you because A) Nathan is adorable and everything he does is worth posting and B) it's the build up to what will be a phenomenal weekend post when we attend his end-of-school program and hear him belt his favorite tunes. Enjoy the show(s), folks. Happy Thursday!

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