Thursday, May 13, 2010

Under Construction

Well... more like under redecoration. Needless to say there's a good reason I haven't posted any super cute Nathan pictures this week. We have been immersed in Redecoration Project I - the master suite. :) And by we I pretty much mean Jonathan; however, all this shopping and decision making has been hard work! My hubby has worked hard this week to paint our bedroom and bathroom a dark blue color. This color is hard to describe so keep reading for a preview picture. While painting he decided to approach me about getting new bedroom furniture as our current set is older than I am. We ended up deciding we should splurge on ourselves and bought it all Tuesday. I won't bore you with details but know this important fact - it's KING size! Nathan, Nana, and I spent today in Texarkana, picking out a comforter (which unfortunately had to be ordered), sheets, pillows, bathroom decor, and all sorts of other odds and ends to bring the room together. And that, my friends, is what we've been up to. Since I've done a poor job of describing what the end product will look like, here are a few pieces of the puzzle before it gets put together.

Here's a decent camera shot to show what color Jonathan painted. It's called Granite Falls and features a lovely orange dancer in the foreground:

Here's a picture I stole from Ivan Smith's Web site that shows our furniture. We bought this group plus a chest of drawers in the same design. However, this shows cherry wood and ours is a much darker merlot color. It's gorgeous!

Finally, here is a picture from Bed, Bath and Beyond's Web site that features the bedding that I ordered tonight. It will hopefully be here sometime next week, so I suppose I can deal with it. (PS this is NOT my room nor my new furniture, but it's very close)

And now you know what you've missed out on this week. Of course we've been keeping up with our child and our garden and I'm sure there will be posts about both soon. We actually have three or four little green tomatoes growing in the garden and our green beans are getting plump! As for the kid, well, I guess I can't resist posting at least ONE more picture. Here he is in all his outdoor glory, pretending to be Terrance from the Tinker Bell movie (hence his "fairy hat"):

Be sure to check back this weekend for some (almost) finished pictures of our new bedroom. Happy Thursday, everyone!

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