Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend in Swimsuits

As I mentioned in a previous post, get ready for pictures. :) Grammy and Poppy brought Joley and Riley down to celebrate Memorial Day this weekend and, not to anyone's surprise, we spent most of it outdoors! From breaking in the new slip-n-slide to wading in the shark pool, we all got a little wet the past few days. We even ventured over to Nana's new house earlier today and despite the fact that the house is still under construction, the kids were quick to notice that the pool is not. So, they broke that in, too. :) Yes, I think little kids in dripping wet swimsuits with sunburns and Popsicle smiles are the first signs of summer. And without further ado, our weekend in pictures:

We kicked Sunday morning off with the three-man slip-n-slide:

Which lead to a little relaxation:

Which inevitably lead to this:

(PS: She was totally faking; however, the extended power nap they took later that afternoon was 100% real.)

After a quick nap, the kids needed a drink:

And a gooey, sticky, summertime kind of snack:

Then the troops were ready for more. After what seemed like hours of filling up water balloons (and popping a few on ourselves), the kids went through them in seconds! With these smiles, I'd say it was worth the work.

The next day was spent splashing around in Nana's new pool:

And the weekend ended with one satisfied, sopping wet customer:

I sure hope your weekend was just as sweet. Happy Memorial Day!

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look at those muscles