Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Jumbled Mess

So lots and lots of things have happened since I last posted. I know most of you were probably just hoping to see Nathan's cheese face when you visited the blog today, but I'm going to give you that and then some. :) Here's a condensed update and it's even labeled as good or bad news so you can pick and choose what you'd like to read... Oh, you know you'll read it all, so just get going!

YAY: I have graciously aged from 25 to 26. :) I had a fantastic birthday party swimming at Nana's house, and, as you can see in the following pic, Nathan did, too. I doubt you can tell yet, but for my birthday I received a really fancy camera that I don't quite understand yet. However, I've got plenty of photographers to learn from and hopefully you will see some incredible pictures soon!

YAY: The day after my birthday, Jonathan and I started our latest role - youth directors for the Catholic Youth Ministry in Hope. We took 11 kids to Camden for a youth retreat and had a ball! After meeting with the kids and seeing how excited they were for the new year, the two of us have gone into planning mode, setting up fundraisers and searching out new opportunities to help the kids discover their faith. I have a feeling this new journey is going to do as much for us as it will for them. Keep us in your prayers that we guide them in the right direction!

BOO: A little LESS exciting - Jonathan is recovering from surgery. The night we got back from the Youth Retreat, he went to the ER for pain and it ended up being a swollen, infected lymph node that was operated on yesterday morning. We'll go back to the doctor tomorrow to see if he has figured out what exactly is happening to the poor guy, so just keep us in your prayers as he recovers and that the findings aren't too bad. (YAY within a BOO) On a happier note, Grammy has been visiting this week keeping us company and helping with the patient. As you know, Grammys and mamas are always very good in that role! :)

YAY: We have also been making great strides in potty training at the Bauer household. Nathan is officially down to undies all day long and a pull-up at night (that is usually still dry when he wakes up!) He made it over his biggest hurdle this week - deciding that it is okay to use the potty at day care. Hopefully he keeps it up and celebrates his third birthday with no more pull-ups! Here's a sneak peek of the undies model at work:

NEUTRAL: No new garden updates really, the zucchini and tomato plants are still doing great, despite a few bug battles here and there. Two new additions to the garden are two cute little green bell peppers just growing away. (I'll try to make a photo of those guys happen soon!)

Well I hope you enjoyed this quick and jumbled update of what's been going on since I last posted. Check back soon for what will hopefully be a new post full of good news only. Happy Wednesday, everybody!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Beatin' the Heat

The boys and I had such a fun, relaxing afternoon, it would almost be a crime if I didn't share it with you. :) After a quick visit from Nana, Jonathan and I sat on the porch swing while Nathan and Susie splashed and played in the sprinkler and eventually just the hose. We did do a little work cooking up a yummy dinner, but other than that, it was a lazy day all the way. And that's what summertime is all about! Easy living is definitely the life for me and judging by the contentment of Nathan and his "favorite girl" - it's for them, too! What a fantastic kick-off for the weekend.

However (and he'll probably get me for this one), all good things must come to an end, rather, all water hoses must eventually be turned off:

Happy Friday! (*snicker*)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

He Does Tricks, Too

So it's been a few days since my last update and while nothing TOO exciting is going on around here, I thought I'd share a little evening entertainment. After chowing down on a Sonic Wacky Pack, Nathan spent the rest of his evening playing with a light-up spoon he got as a prize. (What kind of prize is that, anyway!?) While he and I were watching TV, trying to fall asleep, I look over and he has the spoon carefully positioned on his nose. I swear if I hadn't stopped to take this picture, he would have fallen asleep like that! But who wouldn't stop for this picture??

Of course, the giggles started after this and he couldn't quite reposition it, but I did catch his trick on camera. And he was quite pleased! :)

Other than silly Nathan fun, there's not much going on around here. I worked on the garden quite a bit this afternoon, pruning the tomatoes and zucchini for bad leaves and buggies and .... pulling up the lettuce! Yes, the last lettuce picture I posted (you know, the one telling you how awesome it was) actually showcased that the plants had all gone to seed. This means it got too hot, they bolted growth (hence my perception of "awesome") and the leaves turned bitter. Trust me. I tried it. So I pulled up the lettuce, the dead green beans, and a few onions that were gone. Although there are many plants missing - heck the zucchinis have a bed to themselves - I'm not disappointed! My beds look so much better all cleaned up and my two big crops are producing like crazy! All I need to do to is take care of a nasty tomato fruitworm problem and they're set. One of my green bell peppers actually flowered for the first time today so, despite what I've said before, they're not out of the game yet!

Growing Pepper Plant with Flower:

Beautiful Zucchini Blossom (you can see some little guys growing back there):

Zucchinis Have a Bed to Themselves (which is a good thing at this point):

Tomatoes Growing on the Vine:

Well I hate to repost a similar picture, but asleep is one of Nathan's best sides! Have a great evening, everyone. Awkwardly-Sleeping Nathan says "Good Night!"

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Nap

It's a dreaded word in our house lately. And you know smart little Nathan isn't going to go down without a well-planned fight. I thought I had him convinced this afternoon that Grampa and Nana wouldn't come over unless he took a nap (just a white lie), but he foiled me. I adjusted his pillow just so, covered both him and Seesa, his "green horse" (re: giraffe) all the way up to their necks as requested, and they settled in. I left for a split second to visit the ladies room and when I returned, the pair hopped off the couch and proclaimed, "Wow Mom THAT was a really good nap! I feel so much better! NOW Nana will be here soon." He became pretty silly when he realized I wasn't going to argue with a toddler, so he started posing with Seesa. I, of course, had no choice but to put down my white flag and pick up the camera. He did eventually wear out, though, and this:

Turned into this:

Hope y'all got your naps in. ;) Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Four Years Ago

Four years ago today, Jonathan and I attended the party of the century. Lucky for us, we got to be the center of attention! Yes it's been four years since we said I do, jumped in a limo, and boogied all night long! I have nothing but amazing memories of that day - how gorgeous everything looked, how sweet our ceremony was, and how much fun our friends and family seemed to be having! I am so lucky to have the rest of my life to spend with Jonathan and it's only going to get better as we grow in our relationship and in our family. To celebrate, we are headed to Hot Springs this weekend for a quick getaway! To Jonathan, I just want to say I love you very much and can't wait to see what the future holds for our family! And to our family and friends, thank you for making that day so wonderful! Here's a quick trip down memory lane, just for you:

Good friends:

Sweet hugs:

Yummy cake:

FANTASTIC dancing:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let it Sprink!

As I sit next to the dark window and listen to the rain fall outside, I feel the need to post a fun-in-the-sun entry. :) Although the forecast is rain, rain, rain all day today and tomorrow, earlier in the week we took advantage of the sunshine and got outside! Of course, with a heat index of 100, we had to cool off a little, too. Nathan's suggestion: "Turn my caterpillar sprinkler on so it can sprink!" So sprink, it did. Here are a few shots of Nathan enjoying the water on a beautiful June day.

PS: We have a seven-inch zucchini in the fridge! :) Yep, the very "teeny" zucchini I posted about five days ago. We harvested it a couple days ago, and are waiting for more to stir-fry this weekend. Those plants are so enormous right now that I had to go stand them back upright and bury the roots when I got home from work today because of the storm. I never thought I'd obsess over a plant! Here are two shots I took right before we cut him from his vine:

And there are about three more that should be that big in a day or two, granted the wind doesn't blow them away. Hope you're staying dry wherever you are. Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Flower Power

So here's another garden post. I'm not breaking any promises, though, this one is going to be all about the FLOWER garden. :) Nana came over to visit today and we were hanging out on the front porch enjoying the sunshine. As I looked over my small bed full of petunias, I noticed my large bed looked a little weak. So I figured today was as good as any to remedy that. Because we bought the house in the fall, I had no idea what would pop up this spring, and unfortunately what did pop up didn't work too well with the azaleas we planted. Things were awkwardly mushed together and it just didn't look right. This afternoon, however, as we started to plan where we would move what, I noticed something. I noticed that what I thought was a growing hosta had bloomed. And it was a gorgeous pink calla lily! Check it out:

I adore these plants so much that many were used in our wedding. (Almost four years ago to the date, thank you very much!) So we moved them to a better location and they look great! I can't wait until more flowers bloom. To add even more color, we planted several begonias throughout and I think it looks fantastic! My thumb isn't typically this green so I've got to brag a little:

Here's my view from the swing:

We will end with a picture of Nathan in the swing, sitting back and enjoying mom's hard work. I hope your weekend was spent in the sunshine, too! Happy Saturday! :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Teeny Zucchinis

Well, the actual zucchinis are teeny... the zucchini plants, not so much. :) This morning I stepped outside to water (the first time in more than a month, thank you, Mother Nature) and was greeted by this monstrosity taking over the bed:

I posted about my big zucchini plant a week ago, and here it is, completely falling out of the bed now. The other plant is about the size of the big one in my previous post. Needless to say, they're a couple of healthy guys. Anyway I began to fret this morning because the big one had essentially fallen over. I straightened him up, packed soil around the roots a little more and started to worry I had done something wrong. After much research, I learned that falling over and sprawling around is pretty much what they do. And after adjusting the plant back to its proper spot, the leaves and vines have all adjusted, and all is well. Whew! :)

Then, upon even closer inspection this afternoon, I saw this baby:

Yes, this behemoth is making tiny little vegetables! Hopefully this one will be ready in a few days and if you look around him, you can see even tinier ones following suit. If anything we are definitely going to be eating some fried zucchini in the coming weeks and I, for one, cannot wait.

Another quick tour of my garden showed about five or six more baby tomatoes sprouted over night. I'm not sure happened last night, but I think the vegetable fairy visited. Look at these cuties:

At last count, there's anywhere from 15-20 tomatoes growing. That is a lot of tomatoes for a first garden and I'm pretty proud, if I do so say myself. :) And look at how tall they are! The front three plants are practically grown out of their three-foot cages already:

I also noticed the lettuce did something crazy overnight, too. It basically exploded into these glorious greens:

There are six heads and only one has bolted and gone to seed in this hot weather, which is surprising. I expected ALL of them to be dead by now, as I didn't exactly calculate planting dates correctly. We could still have home-grown salads this year!

Well I hope you enjoyed this update and reading optimism in my words rather than doom, gloom, and failure. Sure, four of my crops didn't win the fight, but I am super proud of the way these zucchini and tomatoes have grown. As proud as I am, though, I'll try to refrain from another gardening post until I actually have a vegetable to show for it. Maybe. :) Happy Friday!