Friday, June 18, 2010

Beatin' the Heat

The boys and I had such a fun, relaxing afternoon, it would almost be a crime if I didn't share it with you. :) After a quick visit from Nana, Jonathan and I sat on the porch swing while Nathan and Susie splashed and played in the sprinkler and eventually just the hose. We did do a little work cooking up a yummy dinner, but other than that, it was a lazy day all the way. And that's what summertime is all about! Easy living is definitely the life for me and judging by the contentment of Nathan and his "favorite girl" - it's for them, too! What a fantastic kick-off for the weekend.

However (and he'll probably get me for this one), all good things must come to an end, rather, all water hoses must eventually be turned off:

Happy Friday! (*snicker*)

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