Saturday, June 5, 2010

Flower Power

So here's another garden post. I'm not breaking any promises, though, this one is going to be all about the FLOWER garden. :) Nana came over to visit today and we were hanging out on the front porch enjoying the sunshine. As I looked over my small bed full of petunias, I noticed my large bed looked a little weak. So I figured today was as good as any to remedy that. Because we bought the house in the fall, I had no idea what would pop up this spring, and unfortunately what did pop up didn't work too well with the azaleas we planted. Things were awkwardly mushed together and it just didn't look right. This afternoon, however, as we started to plan where we would move what, I noticed something. I noticed that what I thought was a growing hosta had bloomed. And it was a gorgeous pink calla lily! Check it out:

I adore these plants so much that many were used in our wedding. (Almost four years ago to the date, thank you very much!) So we moved them to a better location and they look great! I can't wait until more flowers bloom. To add even more color, we planted several begonias throughout and I think it looks fantastic! My thumb isn't typically this green so I've got to brag a little:

Here's my view from the swing:

We will end with a picture of Nathan in the swing, sitting back and enjoying mom's hard work. I hope your weekend was spent in the sunshine, too! Happy Saturday! :)

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