Tuesday, June 15, 2010

He Does Tricks, Too

So it's been a few days since my last update and while nothing TOO exciting is going on around here, I thought I'd share a little evening entertainment. After chowing down on a Sonic Wacky Pack, Nathan spent the rest of his evening playing with a light-up spoon he got as a prize. (What kind of prize is that, anyway!?) While he and I were watching TV, trying to fall asleep, I look over and he has the spoon carefully positioned on his nose. I swear if I hadn't stopped to take this picture, he would have fallen asleep like that! But who wouldn't stop for this picture??

Of course, the giggles started after this and he couldn't quite reposition it, but I did catch his trick on camera. And he was quite pleased! :)

Other than silly Nathan fun, there's not much going on around here. I worked on the garden quite a bit this afternoon, pruning the tomatoes and zucchini for bad leaves and buggies and .... pulling up the lettuce! Yes, the last lettuce picture I posted (you know, the one telling you how awesome it was) actually showcased that the plants had all gone to seed. This means it got too hot, they bolted growth (hence my perception of "awesome") and the leaves turned bitter. Trust me. I tried it. So I pulled up the lettuce, the dead green beans, and a few onions that were gone. Although there are many plants missing - heck the zucchinis have a bed to themselves - I'm not disappointed! My beds look so much better all cleaned up and my two big crops are producing like crazy! All I need to do to is take care of a nasty tomato fruitworm problem and they're set. One of my green bell peppers actually flowered for the first time today so, despite what I've said before, they're not out of the game yet!

Growing Pepper Plant with Flower:

Beautiful Zucchini Blossom (you can see some little guys growing back there):

Zucchinis Have a Bed to Themselves (which is a good thing at this point):

Tomatoes Growing on the Vine:

Well I hate to repost a similar picture, but asleep is one of Nathan's best sides! Have a great evening, everyone. Awkwardly-Sleeping Nathan says "Good Night!"

Happy Tuesday!

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