Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Jumbled Mess

So lots and lots of things have happened since I last posted. I know most of you were probably just hoping to see Nathan's cheese face when you visited the blog today, but I'm going to give you that and then some. :) Here's a condensed update and it's even labeled as good or bad news so you can pick and choose what you'd like to read... Oh, you know you'll read it all, so just get going!

YAY: I have graciously aged from 25 to 26. :) I had a fantastic birthday party swimming at Nana's house, and, as you can see in the following pic, Nathan did, too. I doubt you can tell yet, but for my birthday I received a really fancy camera that I don't quite understand yet. However, I've got plenty of photographers to learn from and hopefully you will see some incredible pictures soon!

YAY: The day after my birthday, Jonathan and I started our latest role - youth directors for the Catholic Youth Ministry in Hope. We took 11 kids to Camden for a youth retreat and had a ball! After meeting with the kids and seeing how excited they were for the new year, the two of us have gone into planning mode, setting up fundraisers and searching out new opportunities to help the kids discover their faith. I have a feeling this new journey is going to do as much for us as it will for them. Keep us in your prayers that we guide them in the right direction!

BOO: A little LESS exciting - Jonathan is recovering from surgery. The night we got back from the Youth Retreat, he went to the ER for pain and it ended up being a swollen, infected lymph node that was operated on yesterday morning. We'll go back to the doctor tomorrow to see if he has figured out what exactly is happening to the poor guy, so just keep us in your prayers as he recovers and that the findings aren't too bad. (YAY within a BOO) On a happier note, Grammy has been visiting this week keeping us company and helping with the patient. As you know, Grammys and mamas are always very good in that role! :)

YAY: We have also been making great strides in potty training at the Bauer household. Nathan is officially down to undies all day long and a pull-up at night (that is usually still dry when he wakes up!) He made it over his biggest hurdle this week - deciding that it is okay to use the potty at day care. Hopefully he keeps it up and celebrates his third birthday with no more pull-ups! Here's a sneak peek of the undies model at work:

NEUTRAL: No new garden updates really, the zucchini and tomato plants are still doing great, despite a few bug battles here and there. Two new additions to the garden are two cute little green bell peppers just growing away. (I'll try to make a photo of those guys happen soon!)

Well I hope you enjoyed this quick and jumbled update of what's been going on since I last posted. Check back soon for what will hopefully be a new post full of good news only. Happy Wednesday, everybody!

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