Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let it Sprink!

As I sit next to the dark window and listen to the rain fall outside, I feel the need to post a fun-in-the-sun entry. :) Although the forecast is rain, rain, rain all day today and tomorrow, earlier in the week we took advantage of the sunshine and got outside! Of course, with a heat index of 100, we had to cool off a little, too. Nathan's suggestion: "Turn my caterpillar sprinkler on so it can sprink!" So sprink, it did. Here are a few shots of Nathan enjoying the water on a beautiful June day.

PS: We have a seven-inch zucchini in the fridge! :) Yep, the very "teeny" zucchini I posted about five days ago. We harvested it a couple days ago, and are waiting for more to stir-fry this weekend. Those plants are so enormous right now that I had to go stand them back upright and bury the roots when I got home from work today because of the storm. I never thought I'd obsess over a plant! Here are two shots I took right before we cut him from his vine:

And there are about three more that should be that big in a day or two, granted the wind doesn't blow them away. Hope you're staying dry wherever you are. Happy Wednesday!

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