Friday, June 11, 2010

The Nap

It's a dreaded word in our house lately. And you know smart little Nathan isn't going to go down without a well-planned fight. I thought I had him convinced this afternoon that Grampa and Nana wouldn't come over unless he took a nap (just a white lie), but he foiled me. I adjusted his pillow just so, covered both him and Seesa, his "green horse" (re: giraffe) all the way up to their necks as requested, and they settled in. I left for a split second to visit the ladies room and when I returned, the pair hopped off the couch and proclaimed, "Wow Mom THAT was a really good nap! I feel so much better! NOW Nana will be here soon." He became pretty silly when he realized I wasn't going to argue with a toddler, so he started posing with Seesa. I, of course, had no choice but to put down my white flag and pick up the camera. He did eventually wear out, though, and this:

Turned into this:

Hope y'all got your naps in. ;) Happy Friday!

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