Friday, June 4, 2010

Teeny Zucchinis

Well, the actual zucchinis are teeny... the zucchini plants, not so much. :) This morning I stepped outside to water (the first time in more than a month, thank you, Mother Nature) and was greeted by this monstrosity taking over the bed:

I posted about my big zucchini plant a week ago, and here it is, completely falling out of the bed now. The other plant is about the size of the big one in my previous post. Needless to say, they're a couple of healthy guys. Anyway I began to fret this morning because the big one had essentially fallen over. I straightened him up, packed soil around the roots a little more and started to worry I had done something wrong. After much research, I learned that falling over and sprawling around is pretty much what they do. And after adjusting the plant back to its proper spot, the leaves and vines have all adjusted, and all is well. Whew! :)

Then, upon even closer inspection this afternoon, I saw this baby:

Yes, this behemoth is making tiny little vegetables! Hopefully this one will be ready in a few days and if you look around him, you can see even tinier ones following suit. If anything we are definitely going to be eating some fried zucchini in the coming weeks and I, for one, cannot wait.

Another quick tour of my garden showed about five or six more baby tomatoes sprouted over night. I'm not sure happened last night, but I think the vegetable fairy visited. Look at these cuties:

At last count, there's anywhere from 15-20 tomatoes growing. That is a lot of tomatoes for a first garden and I'm pretty proud, if I do so say myself. :) And look at how tall they are! The front three plants are practically grown out of their three-foot cages already:

I also noticed the lettuce did something crazy overnight, too. It basically exploded into these glorious greens:

There are six heads and only one has bolted and gone to seed in this hot weather, which is surprising. I expected ALL of them to be dead by now, as I didn't exactly calculate planting dates correctly. We could still have home-grown salads this year!

Well I hope you enjoyed this update and reading optimism in my words rather than doom, gloom, and failure. Sure, four of my crops didn't win the fight, but I am super proud of the way these zucchini and tomatoes have grown. As proud as I am, though, I'll try to refrain from another gardening post until I actually have a vegetable to show for it. Maybe. :) Happy Friday!

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