Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Basket Full

After our five-day excursion to Montana (post coming soon), I ventured out to the garden for the first time after work today. After seeing so many bright red tomatoes drooping off of the vine, I actually had to come back inside and grab the basket I purposefully bought for such a harvest. Yes, friends, I picked a whole basket full of tomatoes and one zucchini the size of my arm. We will finally be giving some of this goodness away! Be warned, some of the tomatoes are a little cracked from a combo of the heat and inconsistent watering, but they're just as tasty. Trust me, I tested. After picking a basket full of tomatoes, there are still dozens of green and yellow guys growing on the vines. I actually sent Jonathan to the store tonight to find something to help support them. I'm thinking that dose of Miracle Gro before we left for Montana was highly unnecessary. :)

The pepper plants also doubled in size while we were gone. The following picture is not the first bell pepper to pop up, but it's the first correctly-shaped and colored one. Following it is a picture to help explain what I mean.

I'm pretty sure that last pepper is supposed to be a green bell, but who knows! I like it and I think it looks neat. Hopefully we'll get to taste test it in a few days to find out. Well, I hope you're all having a fantastic Tuesday and if you don't get any tomatoes this time around, don't worry. There are PLENTY more ripening as you read this. :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We're Growing!

In more ways than one. :) It looks like both my family and my belly are going to be expanding in the next several months... because I'm pregnant!! We actually found out about this little miracle June 26, but wanted to keep it under wraps until we got a visual of the baby bean and heard a heartbeat. And we did just that this morning. His or her heart beat was clear as a bell at 142 beats per minute - precisely where it should be. And just look at how adorable this little baby already is. Jonathan says he can already see the resemblance!

As you might imagine after following my journey this year, seeing that ultrasound screen brought a mixed feeling of love, relief, and excitement that is absolutely indescribable. Our newest addition is due March 5, 2011 and I can't wait! This appointment was just to make sure everything is progessing as it should. We begin our actual prenatal care next Thursday after we get home from our family vacation to Montana! Yes, we are sneaking an extra baby on the plane and the flight attendants will be none the wiser! I'll gladly keep you all updated on the progress of this little bean, but until then, say a little prayer and hopefully this little sweetie has a nice, long stay in the womb until he or she is good and ready! :)

I hope you're all having a fantastic day! SUPER Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

1, 2, THREE

So it looks like we're 3 and 0 when it comes to successful summertime birthday parties. Nathan's surf-themed party was held this weekend in Conway and I think it's safe to say everyone there had a blast! He had so many little buddies there and between the water balloon fight, the shark piñata, and the delicious cake, they all had a great time together. It was fun for us grown-ups to see some familiar faces, too! For both the big and the little crowds, even though there's usually a bit of time between our visits, we're all still friends when we get together. :) Now, for the moment you've all been waiting for - Nathan's awesome third birthday party in (just a few) pictures.

First, some kids in a pool (and on a slip-n-slide):

Next, some kids and a super awesome/delicious birthday cake:

Now, piñata time:

How about some water balloons:

(You can imagine how much longer it took to fill those puppies up than to pop them on each other. The guys tried to encourage the kids to play "pick up the broken balloon pieces" after the chaos ended, but it didn't work too well. After Nathan called to them, "Hey friends, let's get in the pool!" it was all over.)

Finally, Joley and Nathan bask in the after-party glow. It was so darn bright, they had to wear their party shades. :)

I know how much you enjoyed these pictures, but if you want more, just click HERE and it will take you to an album chock full of more cuteness.

Huge thanks goes out to everyone who came to the party and brought all of Nathan's little friends with them. The kids had a fantastic time and I think the adults did, too. Only problem is that now, the first thing out of Nathan's mouth this morning was, "Is it still my birthday??" Oh well, four years old isn't too far away. :) If you couldn't make it to the party, we missed you and we hope your weekend was just as fun. Happy Sunday!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Three-Year-Old Artiste

As of yesterday at precisely 6:25 pm, I am the proud owner of a three-year-old! Who knows what exciting things Nathan will learn and teach me over the next 364 days, but I'm ready for it. :) The kid had a fantastic birthday celebration yesterday - complete with a picnic in the park (despite the rain!) and dinner at his beloved Olive Garden. Although we got home too late for him to realize his birthday present from mama and daddy was set up in the kitchen, he noticed this morning! And he has been noticing all through the afternoon... :) Yes, he loves the easel we got for him and he's been painting, drawing, and chalking all day long! I'm sure he will create plenty of masterpieces for me to share with you in the future. He says he does his best work in his undies - check him out:

Yes, this is one satisfied three-year-old - and he hasn't even had his birthday party yet! We're so excited to see all of his little friends (and all of our big friends) at his Surfer Dude birthday party this Saturday. Remember, it's in Conway at Grammy's house. See y'all then. Happy Thursday!

ADORABLE BABY NEWS FLASH: Another bit of related news. One more precious little kid celebrated her birthday on July 6 - the day before Nathan's. Eva Marie, daughter of our very best friends Tim and Abby, made her debut into the world Tuesday as healthy as can be! I am so proud of my friend for giving birth to this beautiful miracle and I can't wait to give super big hugs to the both of them. We will hopefully be traveling to Dallas in August to meet Miss Eva. It can't come soon enough!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fourth, Y'all

The Bauer family had a fantastic Fourth of July weekend - and we sure hope you did, too! It was spent surrounded by family, lots of good food, and a pretty good amount of fireworks. We had Grammy and Poppy down for the weekend, helping Jonathan continue to heal (he's doing great, though!) and the rest of the Montgomery family came over Sunday afternoon. We ate, we visited, we showered Nathan with presents - his favorite part, of course! Yes, birthday week began with quite a bang.... and this was BEFORE the fireworks. :) He was able to open presents from those who won't be able to attend his party Saturday. The lucky guy received everything from an awesome new firetruck to a hungry hippo game to this cute bee towel:

After that, the first question out of his mouth this morning was asking for more "surprises." I told him it's not quite over yet! Anyway, our almost-three-year-old really enjoyed the fireworks, even after getting spooked by some unexpected pops during the day. However, he did make sure that before he ever touched a sparkler or settled in to watch the display, he repeatedly asked if they made noise. :) He ended up enjoying it all, though, as you can see:

I, too, enjoyed the beautiful fireworks, but the best part was spending good quality time with the family! It was so much fun to see everyone and I really appreciate y'all taking the time out to get together. I hope you enjoy the pictures and I hope everybody who was not at my house had as much fun at your own Fourth of July gatherings. Happy Monday!