Sunday, July 11, 2010

1, 2, THREE

So it looks like we're 3 and 0 when it comes to successful summertime birthday parties. Nathan's surf-themed party was held this weekend in Conway and I think it's safe to say everyone there had a blast! He had so many little buddies there and between the water balloon fight, the shark piñata, and the delicious cake, they all had a great time together. It was fun for us grown-ups to see some familiar faces, too! For both the big and the little crowds, even though there's usually a bit of time between our visits, we're all still friends when we get together. :) Now, for the moment you've all been waiting for - Nathan's awesome third birthday party in (just a few) pictures.

First, some kids in a pool (and on a slip-n-slide):

Next, some kids and a super awesome/delicious birthday cake:

Now, piñata time:

How about some water balloons:

(You can imagine how much longer it took to fill those puppies up than to pop them on each other. The guys tried to encourage the kids to play "pick up the broken balloon pieces" after the chaos ended, but it didn't work too well. After Nathan called to them, "Hey friends, let's get in the pool!" it was all over.)

Finally, Joley and Nathan bask in the after-party glow. It was so darn bright, they had to wear their party shades. :)

I know how much you enjoyed these pictures, but if you want more, just click HERE and it will take you to an album chock full of more cuteness.

Huge thanks goes out to everyone who came to the party and brought all of Nathan's little friends with them. The kids had a fantastic time and I think the adults did, too. Only problem is that now, the first thing out of Nathan's mouth this morning was, "Is it still my birthday??" Oh well, four years old isn't too far away. :) If you couldn't make it to the party, we missed you and we hope your weekend was just as fun. Happy Sunday!

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