Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Three-Year-Old Artiste

As of yesterday at precisely 6:25 pm, I am the proud owner of a three-year-old! Who knows what exciting things Nathan will learn and teach me over the next 364 days, but I'm ready for it. :) The kid had a fantastic birthday celebration yesterday - complete with a picnic in the park (despite the rain!) and dinner at his beloved Olive Garden. Although we got home too late for him to realize his birthday present from mama and daddy was set up in the kitchen, he noticed this morning! And he has been noticing all through the afternoon... :) Yes, he loves the easel we got for him and he's been painting, drawing, and chalking all day long! I'm sure he will create plenty of masterpieces for me to share with you in the future. He says he does his best work in his undies - check him out:

Yes, this is one satisfied three-year-old - and he hasn't even had his birthday party yet! We're so excited to see all of his little friends (and all of our big friends) at his Surfer Dude birthday party this Saturday. Remember, it's in Conway at Grammy's house. See y'all then. Happy Thursday!

ADORABLE BABY NEWS FLASH: Another bit of related news. One more precious little kid celebrated her birthday on July 6 - the day before Nathan's. Eva Marie, daughter of our very best friends Tim and Abby, made her debut into the world Tuesday as healthy as can be! I am so proud of my friend for giving birth to this beautiful miracle and I can't wait to give super big hugs to the both of them. We will hopefully be traveling to Dallas in August to meet Miss Eva. It can't come soon enough!

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