Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Water Park??

On Sunday the Bauer family discovered a jewel just about 10 miles up the highway from our house, smack dab in the middle of Murfreesboro. I'd always known about the Crater of Diamonds State Park, having spent many an elementary field trip covered in dirt, analyzing every tiny pebble. However, before last week I had not yet heard of the park's newest addition - the fantastic, fabulous Diamond Springs Water Park! I was told about this place by a few of the teachers at Nathan's preschool, who talked it up as a great, cheap place to spend these (unbearably) hot summer days. We had no choice but to invite Grampa and Nana and give it a try. We had a blast!! Check it out:

Looks like fun, right?? And I think the best thing about it, other than the fact that it was totally geared toward little kids, was that because it's in Murfreesboro, it was not crowded! When I think of water parks, my mind goes to Six Flags or Disney World, where I stood in line for two hours, gigantic inner tube in hand, only to go on a slide that took about 30 seconds top to bottom. This, my friends, was not the case. We splashed around in the water, played with the various sprinklers, and relaxed. The only downfall is that we discovered it two weeks before it closes! Oh well, they'll be getting to know us pretty well next year. :)

For now, though, let's just keep this water park our little secret and I promise I'll take you the next hot summer day you're in town. Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baby Eva Comes to Town

The Bauer family had a fantastic weekend that started off with a visit from our favorite Texans - the Goynes family, complete with their sweet, precious baby! Yes, Baby Eva Marie made her inaugural trip to Arkansas and we were lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time with her while she was here. She was super snuggly and as you can see in the following pictures... Nathan just couldn't keep his eyes (or hands!) off of her:

He would rub her fuzzy head and tell her she was just "SO cute!" It didn't take him long at all to warm up to her and as soon as he did, he fell in love. Shortly after, he started to tell her that his mom says he's going to be a big brother. I think he's getting ready, folks, and getting to play with a real, live baby has gotten him even more excited. :) He's already asking when we can see her again. We're thinking the Bauer family will be heading to Texas sometime over the next few months. I mean, come on - look at this face! Wouldn't you want to visit her??

Baby Eva says "Happy Sunday, y'all!"

To Tim, Abby and Eva, thank you so much for sharing such wonderful moments with us this weekend. We had a blast and can't wait to get our hands on those sweet little cheeks again. You guys have a perfect, gorgeous daughter. Great work!! :) Love you!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Proud Preschooler

Nathan woke up this morning raring to go for his first "official" day of K3 at Nashville Christian Academy. Sure, he spent most of the school year with Mrs. Ruby in the K3 class last year, but he was merely a two-year-old. He's back and ready to learn this time around! He was so thrilled about all his new school supplies that we had to actually make him take his new backpack off last night before he got into bed. He was one excited kid. Although I didn't drop him off on his first day, Jonathan reports that he was thrilled to see his teacher and friends and went straight to play with all the new toys Mrs. Ruby acquired over the summer. I assume his day will be filled with drinking from the water fountain, walking in lines, learning new friends' names, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and getting plenty of loving from Mrs. Ruby. Sounds like a pretty perfect day to me. I can't wait to hear all about it.

Happy First Day of School, everyone! :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Watermelon Weekend

Before I begin, clear all thoughts of my baby being the size of a watermelon. If memory serves, it's still fig and/or lime week. :)

The 34th annual Watermelon Festival in good old Hope, Arkansas has come and gone and I'm sorry to report we didn't stick around too long. Yes, we showed up during the hottest part of Saturday, armed with cash and ready to purchase all the amazing crafts and delicious fair food we could find. After two lemonades and a funnel cake, it was over. I quickly learned that super hot heat, fried dough and pregnancy can be a lethal combination.

Yes, we left the festival in a disappointed, sweaty daze, and headed straight to the pool with two of our favorite cousins in tow. I can't necessarily give you any watermelon- and/or festival-related pictures, but cute kids in a pool should suffice. Enjoy!

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, August 13, 2010

My Lil Fig

No, the odd fruit you see above is not the latest addition to my garden. In fact, this is neither a food or garden-related post at all. That fruit - a fig, actually - represents the size my tiny little baby will be tomorrow, when he (she) and I reach our 11 week mark!

*Disclaimer* Further reading involves what you may consider gross pregnancy talk.

Our latest appointment was yesterday and Nathan, Nana, and I were very happy to see our little guy or girl wiggling, dancing, and moving about. The heartbeat was very steady and strong at 167 beats per minute and I can't tell you what a relief it is every time I hear that thumping sound from the ultrasound machine. Unfortunately, if you haven't yet heard, I have had a bit of a complication with this pregnancy. At 6 weeks after an emergency trip to the ER for bleeding, a subchorionic hemorrhage was found in there with the baby. Luckily it was small and I was told most resolve on their own by 20 weeks, but it's definitely been hard on my heart to see bleeding and remember the baby I lost earlier this year. However, at all four ultrasounds I have had in this pregnancy, I have been so happy and felt so blessed to see a living, happy baby. Yesterday he or she measured 3.73 cm and I was finally told the SCH was beginning to shrink! I'm still going to the OB office every two weeks to keep an eye on it - and trying hard not to call them every single day with worries. As is the case with all pregnancies, my doctor said he won't stop worrying until I stop bleeding and we are constantly praying that day comes soon. However, every single day that I remain pregnant and my little baby's heart keeps beating, the odds for this pregnancy ending with a baby in my arms get better and better. And that is all I have wanted for a long time.

Now that you know what's been going on in my uterus, also know that I am trying my best to stay as sane (and as positive) as I possibly can, but have patience with me for the next few weeks. Hopefully this thing will resolve soon and I'll be on my way to trimester number two! And of course, I can't leave you hanging without a picture of the sweet little baby (who was approximately kumquat-sized in this picture). Although he or she is only a little over an inch long here, there are hands and feet, fingers and toes, eyelids and organs. Pretty wild, right?? Just the size of my pinky and already a person. God is good!

Little Baby Bauer says "Happy Friday!"

Friday, August 6, 2010

Middle of Nowhere, MT

If you recall the last time I posted (several weeks ago), I promised an upcoming post about our Montana trip. Sure, it's been a few days since we touched back down in Arkansas and left sweatshirts for 105 degree mornings, but I think I can still work from memory. :)

On July 21, the family packed up, jumped on an airplane, and headed north to Conrad, Montana to visit family. I don't have any pictures to prove it, but Nathan loved his first flight experience. So did his daddy, for that matter. Once we arrived in Montana, we spent most of our days sitting around, taking in the gorgeous scenery and snapping a photo or two of this cute guy:

We spent one day on a big red tour bus, traveling through Glacier National Park with hopes of seeing mountain lions, great grizzlies, and fluffy goats galore. Nathan kept his eyes peeled the entire time...

Ok, he did for the most part. It was a 6.5-hour tour for crying out loud! :) Anyway, after several requests of "I want to see a BEAR!" shouted to our tour guide, Nathan was satisfied when we saw a mama black bear and two baby cubs walking near a river. We're pretty sure we also saw a grizzly. It was a fuzzy brown speck climbing up a mountain, so I'm pretty sure we were right. Some animals that made it to Bauer Family Photo fame include these guys:

While on the tour, we oohed and ahhed over tons of scenic stops, as you imagine one might do in Glacier National Park. We saw lots of this:

And did a bunch of this:

Other than the scenic tour, trip highlights for Nathan included petting lots of kittens, making new Montana buddies, driving a tractor, riding a four-wheeler, and getting really, really dirty. While I'd rather not take over the whole blog with millions of Montana photos, if you are hungry for more and haven't yet perused the Facebook album, click HERE to see more great shots.

Although we were sad to leave the rolling hills and quiet nothingness (especially when we took a gander at our hometown forecast) we knew Nathan was ready to get back to the South. He had a happy, happy vacation, but the kid knows there's no place like home.

Happy Friday, y'all! :)