Friday, August 6, 2010

Middle of Nowhere, MT

If you recall the last time I posted (several weeks ago), I promised an upcoming post about our Montana trip. Sure, it's been a few days since we touched back down in Arkansas and left sweatshirts for 105 degree mornings, but I think I can still work from memory. :)

On July 21, the family packed up, jumped on an airplane, and headed north to Conrad, Montana to visit family. I don't have any pictures to prove it, but Nathan loved his first flight experience. So did his daddy, for that matter. Once we arrived in Montana, we spent most of our days sitting around, taking in the gorgeous scenery and snapping a photo or two of this cute guy:

We spent one day on a big red tour bus, traveling through Glacier National Park with hopes of seeing mountain lions, great grizzlies, and fluffy goats galore. Nathan kept his eyes peeled the entire time...

Ok, he did for the most part. It was a 6.5-hour tour for crying out loud! :) Anyway, after several requests of "I want to see a BEAR!" shouted to our tour guide, Nathan was satisfied when we saw a mama black bear and two baby cubs walking near a river. We're pretty sure we also saw a grizzly. It was a fuzzy brown speck climbing up a mountain, so I'm pretty sure we were right. Some animals that made it to Bauer Family Photo fame include these guys:

While on the tour, we oohed and ahhed over tons of scenic stops, as you imagine one might do in Glacier National Park. We saw lots of this:

And did a bunch of this:

Other than the scenic tour, trip highlights for Nathan included petting lots of kittens, making new Montana buddies, driving a tractor, riding a four-wheeler, and getting really, really dirty. While I'd rather not take over the whole blog with millions of Montana photos, if you are hungry for more and haven't yet perused the Facebook album, click HERE to see more great shots.

Although we were sad to leave the rolling hills and quiet nothingness (especially when we took a gander at our hometown forecast) we knew Nathan was ready to get back to the South. He had a happy, happy vacation, but the kid knows there's no place like home.

Happy Friday, y'all! :)


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