Friday, August 13, 2010

My Lil Fig

No, the odd fruit you see above is not the latest addition to my garden. In fact, this is neither a food or garden-related post at all. That fruit - a fig, actually - represents the size my tiny little baby will be tomorrow, when he (she) and I reach our 11 week mark!

*Disclaimer* Further reading involves what you may consider gross pregnancy talk.

Our latest appointment was yesterday and Nathan, Nana, and I were very happy to see our little guy or girl wiggling, dancing, and moving about. The heartbeat was very steady and strong at 167 beats per minute and I can't tell you what a relief it is every time I hear that thumping sound from the ultrasound machine. Unfortunately, if you haven't yet heard, I have had a bit of a complication with this pregnancy. At 6 weeks after an emergency trip to the ER for bleeding, a subchorionic hemorrhage was found in there with the baby. Luckily it was small and I was told most resolve on their own by 20 weeks, but it's definitely been hard on my heart to see bleeding and remember the baby I lost earlier this year. However, at all four ultrasounds I have had in this pregnancy, I have been so happy and felt so blessed to see a living, happy baby. Yesterday he or she measured 3.73 cm and I was finally told the SCH was beginning to shrink! I'm still going to the OB office every two weeks to keep an eye on it - and trying hard not to call them every single day with worries. As is the case with all pregnancies, my doctor said he won't stop worrying until I stop bleeding and we are constantly praying that day comes soon. However, every single day that I remain pregnant and my little baby's heart keeps beating, the odds for this pregnancy ending with a baby in my arms get better and better. And that is all I have wanted for a long time.

Now that you know what's been going on in my uterus, also know that I am trying my best to stay as sane (and as positive) as I possibly can, but have patience with me for the next few weeks. Hopefully this thing will resolve soon and I'll be on my way to trimester number two! And of course, I can't leave you hanging without a picture of the sweet little baby (who was approximately kumquat-sized in this picture). Although he or she is only a little over an inch long here, there are hands and feet, fingers and toes, eyelids and organs. Pretty wild, right?? Just the size of my pinky and already a person. God is good!

Little Baby Bauer says "Happy Friday!"

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