Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Water Park??

On Sunday the Bauer family discovered a jewel just about 10 miles up the highway from our house, smack dab in the middle of Murfreesboro. I'd always known about the Crater of Diamonds State Park, having spent many an elementary field trip covered in dirt, analyzing every tiny pebble. However, before last week I had not yet heard of the park's newest addition - the fantastic, fabulous Diamond Springs Water Park! I was told about this place by a few of the teachers at Nathan's preschool, who talked it up as a great, cheap place to spend these (unbearably) hot summer days. We had no choice but to invite Grampa and Nana and give it a try. We had a blast!! Check it out:

Looks like fun, right?? And I think the best thing about it, other than the fact that it was totally geared toward little kids, was that because it's in Murfreesboro, it was not crowded! When I think of water parks, my mind goes to Six Flags or Disney World, where I stood in line for two hours, gigantic inner tube in hand, only to go on a slide that took about 30 seconds top to bottom. This, my friends, was not the case. We splashed around in the water, played with the various sprinklers, and relaxed. The only downfall is that we discovered it two weeks before it closes! Oh well, they'll be getting to know us pretty well next year. :)

For now, though, let's just keep this water park our little secret and I promise I'll take you the next hot summer day you're in town. Happy Tuesday!

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