Monday, September 13, 2010

Floating Downtown

After a week of anticipation for his first opportunity to throw candy from a float, Nathan's first ride in the Howard County Fair Parade went off without a hitch. He was asked to ride on a farm-themed trailer with his buddies to represent the Nashville Christian Academy. You can see him in the picture - he's the one without parent supervision or proper farm attire. :) Go Mom! Oh well, he still had fun and I got to take pictures this way. (Besides, I don't think anyone wanted to see me hoist myself up there sporting a maternity dress and an ever-growing bump.)

(This cute image courtesy of Mrs. Michale)

As Jonathan and I waited downtown, we watched the tiniest fair queens and pop-music playing marching bands slowly move past. Then the NCA float suddenly appeared! Once Nathan spotted us, there was a wind-up and a pitch - a yellow jaw breaker was thrown right at us! This was basically all he has wanted to do since he first heard he would ride in the parade. I just want to throw candy at my daddy and it will hit his shirt and go PLOP. After the approximately four-minute-long parade ended, we rounded him up and went to McDonald's for a treat. He said he had fun, so we'll call it a success. He looks pretty happy, right??

Happy Monday!

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