Sunday, September 5, 2010

Outside Weather

Outside weather is *finally* back. I'm pretty sure we haven't spent a weekend on the swing set since about March... maybe April at the latest. This summer has been a rough one with its 110-degree temperatures lasting MONTHS at a time, but September is here and we fully appreciated all its glory over the past two days. Grammy and Poppy came down Saturday afternoon for a visit and I'm pretty sure they had a fantastic time with their favorite little guy. The 80-degree days meant perfect weather for...

The Sand Box:

The Big Boy Swing:

Playing Sticks With Susie:

And Making a Little Cash (just being cute, you know):

While I claim to be a summer girl and I love basking in the sun and splashing in the pool, I have been anticipating this time of year. Jonathan says I'm getting ahead of myself as the change is really only from 100 degrees to 85 and 90 degrees, but hey - it's a break! And this way, Nathan won't burn his buns:

Sorry, you know I couldn't resist. I'm sure he will think it's funny later... right? Thanks for a super fun weekend, Grammy and Poppy. I hope the rest of you enjoyed the pictures and we all hope your weekend was just as great! :)


Rick said...

Had sooo much fun hated to go home hope to see ya'll soon

Anonymous said...

Burning his buns!! Oh I just bet he will think it's funny, especially around the age of 13!

Diana said...

Aunt Diana and Uncle Brian love that cute little butt!