Monday, October 11, 2010

Nathan's Big Boy Room

In a frantic frenzy of closet cleaning, room painting, and super-duper organizing, one of my crazy pregnant nesting needs was met this weekend. *Insert sigh of relief here* For those who have visited us, you'll know Nathan's room was never really put together. Not knowing whether a baby was on the way and which room would serve as a nursery, it's been on hold... for almost a year. But no more, my friends. Our former office/guest room has been repurposed into the most awesome, bright green big kid room you've ever seen.

Nathan is absolutely in love with his new, cool room. Last night was his first night in the big bed and he did pretty well. He stayed asleep until 3 am and then, with daddy's help, it wasn't long before he was back in dreamland. When I tried to wake him up to get ready for the day, he curled up tight under his covers and gave me the "five more minutes" grunt. A grunt of satisfaction, I'd say.

This big kid's former room will now be the nursery. The baby furniture and a basically-empty closet are ready to be transformed with a theme of either colorful flowers or woodland creatures. :) Yes, one of my nesting urges has been satisfied; however, in nine more days we will know who is growing in there and another urge will rear its ugly head. I can't wait! At least I know I'll have good help:

Happy Monday, y'all!

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Liberty Parks said...

Love It! It's so cute, I love the green and the wood furniture!