Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cheese Face Family

Since Uncle Tommy and his girlfriend, Rose, were in town this weekend, my mom decided it would be a fantastic time to take the Annual Montgomery Family Christmas Card Photo. They were on my camera, so they're my intellectual property... and hopefully she won't get too mad for handing out a preview. Heck, she may not even use this picture, I just thought it was cute. There *might* be another one where Nathan is actually looking at the camera and my dad is actually smiling... (PS: This is not our Christmas card photo, just my parents' - you may be lucky enough to get a peek at ours in the next month.)

Anyway I was just unloading the weekend's pictures and thought I'd stick a few on here since you guys like to look at them so much! As for the rest of the weekend, we spent lots of time with these cheese faces plus my aunt and uncle who were still in town. On Sunday we went to church and met with our favorite Catholic Youth Ministry kids - we have a lot of fun stuff coming up these next few months! We also played outside at Nana's and enjoyed a day that never hit 80 degrees. It was the perfect day for reading the newspaper in the grass and the perfect evening for a little football. Hope y'all had a wonderful Sunday. Enjoy the pictures!

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