Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halfway? That's Bananas!

Yep, I thought my post title would get me a giggle or two. As you may have gathered, I am 20 weeks pregnant today and my sweet little baby is now the length a banana. It's hard to believe today marks the mid-point of my pregnancy. After such a rough first trimester with all the weird complications, extra appointments, and days dragging on, time seems to be flying by now! And as soon as we find out who is growing in there, I know it will speed up even faster. On that note, my mind is still constantly switching from Team Blue to Team Pink. Unlike my first pregnancy, my mother's intuition is doing absolutely nothing for me. Oh well... FIVE DAYS on the ultrasound countdown!

In other news, I'm continuing to document what I look like while pregnant. As I've said before I didn't do well with this the first time around. My only belly shots were at 12 weeks (barely anything) and my baby showers (super ginormo-belly). I've been trying to get Jonathan to take outside shots every few weeks to show the progress. Although I just started two weeks ago, we're still keeping up! Here's my 20 week shot:

I'm pretty proud of that bump. I love watching my body grow and change every day and feel those sweet little movements I know will lead to the birth of the most beautiful baby you've ever seen. Okay, maybe second-most beautiful baby. I'm so happy to experience this all again and I can't wait to put a name with this new tiny person. At this point, it really doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl. I mean he or she will probably have this face:

So how in the world can we go wrong?? Happy Saturday. :)

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