Thursday, October 21, 2010

Survey Says...

At the much-anticipated appointment today, our newest miracle showed us a clear shot of the goods. It was quite obvious that next spring, Nathan will get a baby brother! Our little boy looked absolutely adorable and measured just right - not too big and not too small. It had been so long since we've seen him that he actually looked like a little person, not just a gummy bear. :) The doctor didn't have any concerns with him or with me, so I'd say we're doing pretty darn good!

Although I was a little worried about Nathan, who had been hoping for a sister, he is beyond thrilled about what another boy will mean for him. He has been talking nonstop about how he will teach this little guy to swing, slide, climb, and even touch bugs! He asked, "Whenever he pops out, do you think I could hold him and feed him his bottle?" He is so excited about everything that comes with a baby brother... except we haven't quite convinced him about the dirty diapers just yet!

I wasn't going to post today since I have no way of scanning the pictures until next week, but I couldn't resist spreading the news everywhere! Whenever I get them, though, I will gladly show off our baby boy. Happy Thursday from the Bauer boys (and their mom!)

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